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The B2181

The B2181 was a rural B-road in East Sussex. The road was originally unclassified, gaining its number in the late 1920s. However, the road was then declassified again in the 1970s and remains so.

Starting on the A266 (as was - now the B2099) at Shover's Green the road heads southeastwards (Stonegate Road). It forks left (Bardown Road) where the right fork (Churchsettle Lane) skirts the northeast corner of the deer fence bordering Wadhurst Park. Passing Bardown and Bricklehurst Manor prep school into Stonegate where it passes the primary school and St.Peter's church before leaving the village along Station Road. Down Peartree Hill, it crosses the railway line near, what was Ticehurst Road station (now Stonegate station), and drops down to the narrow one-way bridge over the River Rother (Witherenden Bridge).

Continuing southwestwards the road starts to climb out of the Rother valley, through Witherenden Hill, past Holmshurst and then, just after the Masonic Hall, the Pavilion and St.Philip's Church, it meets the ridge at Burwash Common, where it ends at a T-junction on the A265.