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Old Maps

Side - by - Side Maps

1724:- Map produced by Richard Budgen(1695-1731)

Properties shown in the area:

  • Bibleham (now Bivelham House/Farm)
  • Bibleham Forge (now Bivelham Forge Farm)
  • Frenches (now Franchise Manor)
  • Hammerden (still Hammerden)
  • Hauksden Forge (now Hawksden Forge)
  • Homeshurst (now Holmshurst Manor)
  • Withernden (now Witherenden Farm/Mill)
  • Woodknonil (now Woodknowle Farm)
1795:- Map produced by William Gardner

Properties shown in the area:

  • Bibleham Farm
  • Bibleham Forge (now Bivelham Forge Farm)
  • Bines Farm
  • Fair Oak
  • Golds Farm (now uninhabited)
  • Hareholt Farm (now Hare Holt - uninhabited)
  • Hawksden Forge
  • Hogshole Farm (now Froghole Farm)
  • Homeshurst Farm (now Holmshurst)
  • Thatch'd ? Farm
  • Turks Farm
  • Withernden (now Witherenden Farm/Mill)
  • Woodenhil Farm? (now Woodknowle Farm)
1813:- Ordnance Survey - First Series - Sheet 5 - 1:63360
1825:- Map produced by Christopher Greenwood and his brother John Greenwood

First mention of Witherden Hill (now Witherenden Hill)

1920s:- Bartholomews half inch map

Lane is not shown between the Kicking Donkey Inn to Bines Farm

1923:- MOT half inch map - 39 - Brighton
1938:- Geographical Publications Limited - Land Utilisation Survey of Britain - 125 - Tunbridge Wells - 1:63360
1945:- Ordnance Survey of Great Britain - New Popular Edition - Sheet 183 - Eastbourne - 1:63360