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The River Rother below Witherenden Hill

The River Rother rises from several springs on the south-eastern side of Cottage Hill near Rotherfield in East Sussex. The hill is 653 feet (199 m) above sea level at the top, and the springs are found near the 520-foot (160 m) and 445-foot (136 m) contours. It flows towards the south east, picking up water from other streams.

The river is joined by various tributaries, and after Mayfield is crossed by a minor road at Scotsford Bridge. It drops below the 148-foot (45 m) contour soon afterwards. The next bridges are Turks Bridge and Bivelham Forge Bridge. Tide Brook joins from the north, and Witherenden Mill, a two-storey building that was originally the mill house is below the junction. In its grounds are two grade II listed oasthouses and a two-storey granary. The railway line, which was following the valley of the Tide Brook, runs parallel to the river as it continues eastwards, passing to the north of Burwash.

The Rother is eventually joined by the River Brede at the southern edge of Rye. The river channel is quite wide, and is known as Rye Harbour. It then enters Rye Bay, part of the English Channel.

The River in flood beween Turks bridge and Bivelham Forge bridge

Rother in flood

The Rother